As part of a healthy diet, we need to consume various foods, some of which include healthy fats, protein, carbs, and other nutrients. In addition, multiple foods provide us with an abundance of vitamins and minerals, essential for proper bodily functions and longevity, amongst several other benefits.

In particular, vitamin B is responsible for numerous functions, including proper metabolic functioning, regulation of the nervous system, maintaining consistent energy throughout the day, and maintaining healthy skin, eyesight, and hair health. So, to say vitamin B is essential is an understatement – one of the most crucial vitamins we should all be consuming daily.

Despite this, many of us do not consume enough vitamin B daily. You can find vitamin B in beef, chicken, fish, whole grains, fruit, seeds and nuts, and dark and green vegetables. An alternative to obtaining vitamin B exclusively from the diet, which may not be possible for some people, is supplementing vitamin B tablets, capsules, soft gels, or chewable’s.

This article will highlight our B Complex stress formula vitamins, rich in vitamin B and C, enabling you to look after your body no matter your dietary requirements.

What are the B vitamins?

Vitamin k2 supplements

There are various types of B vitamins. However, they are all responsible for similar functions and processes throughout the body, including energy levels, eyesight, digestion, nerve function, the growth of red blood cells, and general cell health.

A deficiency in vitamin B may lead to numerous issues, such as a lack of energy, poor digestion, and several other health concerns or problems. Regular supplementation of vitamin B via MegaFit B Complex Stress Formula is an excellent choice for those on the go, not only providing you with more energy but protecting your immune system from the everyday stressors we all encounter.

What is vitamin C?

Vitamin C and its benefits

So, now that we’ve discussed vitamin B, the primary vitamin included in the B-Complex stress formula, let’s highlight vitamin C. Although minor vitamin C is included within our stress formula vitamins, vitamin C is responsible for growth, development, and body repair. Also, similarly to vitamin B, it helps regulate immune function and protection.

Aside from supplement form, vitamin C can be found in multiple fruits and vegetables, including oranges, strawberries, peppers, potatoes, blackcurrants, and broccoli. You can also obtain these through supplementation, such as the B-Complex Stress Formula vitamins.

Paired with vitamin B, you will see further benefits, including the potential for lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease (and other heart-related issues), protection against iron deficiency, and finally, support against memory loss.

Are there any Downsides of Vitamin B Complex Stress Formula?

In general, most people will not experience side effects from supplementing vitamin B and C. However, if you consume too much of one vitamin, you may experience side effects, including stomach upset, increased urination, cramps, and increased thirst.

To prevent any downsides from occurring, you should stick to the recommended dosage, and if there any other questions, always discuss them with your primary care provider

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