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MegaFit Nutrition Inc. is a California-based Health and Wellness company specializing in providing a wide variety of supplements manufactured in the USA to the developing world. Following a successful e-commerce launch in the United States, we have been receiving requests from various markets and have since gained international distribution.

Our mission is to help reduce the rate of nutritional deficits and increase access to reliable and affordable supplements to the developing world.


Our vision is our greatest passion, which is to help maintain a balance between a healthy lifestyle and daily nutrition to millions of people globally.

Unlike other companies, MegaFit truly cares about your overall wellbeing.

From our strict quality control to sustainability, we provide high-quality premium vitamin and botanical supplements that will help you find the nutritional balance you’re looking for in today’s hectic world.

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Hayma T

As a nutrition distributor in Asia, I have been working with MegaFit for a year now. The company is full of fresh ideas, and they are well-informed about trends in the supplement marketplace. I’d recommend MegaFit products to anyone looking for premium supplements.

John W

The MegaFit team are the best – extremely helpful, friendly, and knowledge. They ask all the right questions to make sure they can recommend the products that will help my needs the best. They are the experts in the supplement and nutrition world.

Le T

I need excellent quality supplements for my family but do not like to overspend. MegaFit Nutrition has become my go-to brand for multivitamins, CoQ10, and Ceylon Cinnamon. I would recommend MegaFit Nutrition to anyone who wants to feel good about the value they receive for high-quality supplements made in the USA. A brand you can trust.

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Need Help?
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